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Gospel Lighthouse Bible Book Center is a full service Christian Book Store in Pensacola, FL. All of the Gospel Book Centers started back in 1967 and now has 10 locations, from bibles to church supplies. We offer a large selection of products and services, including Book Store, Christian Cd's, Christian Music and much more. Our courteous staff is very informative and will help you find what you need, answer any of your questions and handle your purchase. We also carry bibles and fascinating children's stories for all ages. Looking for a new bible for you or your child, call on Gospel Lighthouse Bible Book Center in Pensacola, FL today.

Our Services
  • Book Store
  • Christian Book Store
  • Christian Cd's
  • Christian Music
  • Christian
  • Bible
  • Bible Book Store
  • Children's Bible
  • Bible Store
  • Kids Christian Book
Business Hours
  • Sunday: Closed
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